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Career Planner

Career Planner is an online tool that helps counselors, coaches, and other profesionnals create an actionable career plan with a client.

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Create A Career Plan With A Client

Things to consider:
What are your clients needs and aspirations?
What stage is your client at?
Can your client use online resources?
Your client will need to create an account with and email address and secure password.
Your client will have ongoing access to their plan and can notify you of updates and changes.

Career Planning Best Practices

Rhode Island Coaching Standards Quick Guide created by the Career Coaching and Counseling Subcommitee

Workforce GPS offers a growing collection of training tools from the US DLT's Employment and Training Administration

Change and Transitions from the Alberta CN Government

Case Management & Job Development Resources from the RI Adult Education Professional Development Center

Helping Clients Navigate Their Transitions presentation to RICDA by Peek-Career Counseling

Transitions Resume presentation to RICDA by Susan Caizzi

Learn More About the Career Planner

See an example of how the tool can be used

Guy Smith just graduated from high school and looking for a career.

Jane Doe want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Ann Other was just laid off and needs to find a job.